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#1 Billboard-Charting Producer, Kato On The Track, shows you his creative process behind chart-topping songs and how to make simple beats that hit HARD.

Learn how to create your own signature sound and watch Kato break down his biggest production secrets...

What To Expect...


1. In-Depth Beat Breakdown

2. Production Tips and Techniques

3. Must-Have Plugins and VST's

4. Finding Your "Signature Sound"

5. Breakdown Of "Big Mad" by Ktlyn

6. Beat Arranging And Mixing

7. Creating Melodies

...and FREE course updates FOREVER.

* VALUED AT OVER $1,875 *

Everything starts with making great beats. In his first-ever production Masterclass, Kato will share all his beat making tips and techniques on making simple beats that HIT. You'll also get an exclusive look into how he Produces his biggest viral hits and how YOU can create a signature sound.

Instructor: Kato On The Track

Class Length: 66 Minutes

Recommended For: Beginners & Intermediate

Bonus: Lifetime Access w/ Free Updates

"I created this Masterclass really with one purpose... to give you the tools to create hits with Artists." -Kato

A total value of over $1,875


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Advice Now?

Sound Advice Now is an online music education platform founded by Billboard #1 Producer, Kato On The Track, designed to help educate and inspire upcoming Artists, Producers and Songwriters. All the content we offer consists of pre-recorded courses, live stream events, and more.

You may also be familiar with the Sound Advice Tour, which is basically a live, in-person version of this :)

What do I get with each course?

Courses come with instant access to your own account dashboard and course library which consists of a series of video tutorials and PDF documents.

Also, as an added bonus with every course you purchase, you'll get our guaranteed FREE lifetime updates if we add or change any of your course content. You'll be notified via email and/or text alerts if and when these updates occur.

How do I access my course?

Once you've purchased your course(s), check your email for the login information. Be sure to also check spam folders, sometimes they end up there.

Is Sound Advice Now a membership?

Sound Advice Now is not a monthly membership. We offer a series of individual courses that you can access immediately from your account dashboard as soon as you purchase.

Are the courses live?

The courses are pre-recorded, but we also offer special live stream events. Make sure you're enrolled in our mailing list to get updates.

How much do the courses cost?

Pricing for each course varies depending on the length and complexity. Generally, courses are priced anywhere between $99-$200.

Can I get a refund?

We have a no refund policy on courses because it's a digital product. However, we have a 99.9% satisfaction rate amongst customers and we're confident you'll find it priceless.

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